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HAVANA MEMORIES” is a way to know and enjoy Cuba designed by MSc. Rolando Torres Rivero (Roly) for you to have … "better and longer lasting memories of your holidays”.



They are a team of professional photographers that will help you get the best souvenir of your holidays by taking your pictures in all the locations you decide to visit with the help of nice and fully renovated American vintage cars from the 50's with air conditioner. They are all well-educated and speak fluent English so they are ready to explain you the historical value of every shot.


Among our most common locations to use are:


The historical center of Old Havana with its main squares, Bodeguita del Medio, Ambos Mundos Hotel,Obispo St, etc and/or:

·         Morro’s Castle.

·         San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress.

·         1962 Caribbean Nuclear Missiles Crisis Memorial.

·         Cojímar, famous for the landmarks of Ernest Hemingway and the British landing in 1762.

·         Ernest Hemingway Home museum.

·         Cigars factory.

·         Fusterlandia.

·         Revolution Square.

·         Christopher Columbus Cemetery,

·         John Lennon Park.

·         National Hotel.

·         Havana University.

·         Malecon Avenue.

·         USNAVY Maine monument and the Antiimperialist Square facing the American embassy.

·         Fifth Avenue in Miramar.

·         Eastern Beaches of Havana.

·         Callejon de Hamel.

·         Capitol Building.

·         Central and Fraternity parks.

·          El Prado Avenue.

·         Arts museums.

·         Revolution Museums.

·         Metropolitan Park (Protected rainforest inside the city where there is a ceremonial place for Santeria)

·         La Rampa.


·         Tropicana gardens.


Havana Memories is an independent Photographers Team in Cuba.


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Havana Memories Team w Roly / Christiy

Naive shooting of different characters in Havana may be fascinating!

Mockingbird against the trafic
Right and Left
Havana day trip
Visiting Havana from Varadero
Havana- Varadero
Havana from Varadero in a Classic car.

You are "WELCOME" to the crocodile farm in Bay of Pigs

Big crab in Cardenas city